The Moon House - an Otherworldly Realm

Twelve years in the making, artist Douglas Fenn Wilson’s hand-designed, handcrafted home marks his comeback from a catastrophic flood in 2005 that destroyed the modest ranch style house where he’d lived for 21 years as well as many paintings in his studio. Completed in 2020, the new residence is a time-bending, museum-like world that bridges archeology, futuristic design, and story into a walk-in work of art that the artist calls “his most inspired canvas.” The exterior suggests a reassembled ruin, part ancient, part futuristic, while its interior—a labyrinth of displays and neo-artifacts—reveals a lovely and disquieting story of revival. Within its walls, Wilson’s creative diversity reaches crescendo—sculpture, painting, furniture, design, and collectibles, including nearly 100 individually cast panels and neo-artifacts.

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